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VPS of Illinois, LLC  is a privately-held parking corporation positioned at the top of the valet parking industry. With over 70 accounts in the greater Chicago land area, we have grown to become the most respected and reliable valet service in Illinois. 

 provides hospitality staffing and parking solutions ncluding: Valet Parking, Door and Bell Services, Parking Management and Consulting. VPS employees are specifically trained to meet the challenges of any project.

At VPS, we understand that. With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, we’ve grown our business to become one of the most trusted parking management companies in Illinois. More than just a parking attendant service, our company’s highly skilled personnel are the faces that businesses and event planners want greeting their guests.

For all of the consideration business owners and event planners practice to ensure flawless service, a guest’s initial encounter happens before even reaching the door. At restaurants, entertainment venues, weddings and even corporate functions, it’s the valet who greets guests first. Your customers look for a level of comfort and service they expect and deserve.

Nothing tells your guests that they will be well taken care of like a professional valet service upon their arrival.  When they depart, the helpfulness of the parking attendant will be their final impression of your hospitality.  Depend on VPS to provide this extra-special touch.
What makes us different at Downtown restaurants:
• Highly skilled Management Team on duty nightly.
• VPS has multiple valet stands within Chicago’s downtown.  Each valet stand, within blocks of each other, makes it easy to move valet attendants 
to your location should an unexpected large inflow
or outflow of vehicles require it.
• Our access to parking facilities in Chicago is second to none through our own operation of parking facilities or our relationship with other operators.  This ensures that we can always locate adequate storage nearby your restaurant.
What makes us different for special events:
• With one of the largest staffs in the city, VPS can staff even that largest of galas or events. There is no event too big for us to staff.
• VPS attendants have 2 uniforms, formal and casual, so our clients have the option of picking our attendant’s attire so that goes with the event’s theme. Our valets wear black pants, dress shirts and ties for formal events or our custom designed top and shorts/pants for casual events.
• Each event is different, so we take the time to visit the event’s site location, discuss the client’s needs and come up with a parking plan so that there are no surprises the night of the event.

VPS of Illinois, LLC

2370 N Elston, Chicago IL 60614

(312) 944-7300

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